Tuesday, August 6, 2013

House Hunters International

When I first told people that I was moving to Hanoi, almost everyone suggested that I sign up for HGTV House Hunters International.  I've watched dozens of episodes and let's just say that apartment shopping is a bit different in Vietnam.  I'd been in communication with a recommended realtor for months and she had been sending me apartments that met my requirements.  We made plans to meet up to see 6 places on the rainiest day in months here.  That was an experience!  In and out of the car, up and down elevators and through all six places and still nothing that I loved.  We did find 2 places that were nice, but I just didn't know.  

Later than night, I met up with Lizzie and Steph, two teachers who will be working at ISV with me.  They recommended another real estate agency, so I reached out to a realtor from there.  Within 10 minutes, we'd made plans to see a few more places that same day.  Ahhh!  Now I know why realtors only show 3-4 places at a time.  It's a good thing that I was taking pictures of each place to keep track of things.  

Below are pictures of the 3 properties that I liked.  See if you can figure out which one I chose.  

House #1 ~ 2 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 9th floor, big balcony

House #2 ~ 2 Bedroom/ 2 Bathroom, 3rd floor in the city center and brand new

House #3 ~ 2 Bedroom/ 2 Bathroom, 5th floor in the city center and brand new. 

So which one will it be?  

#1 - The apartment on the 9th floor with the huge private balcony and amazing city views?  
#2 - The new apartment on the 3rd floor across the street from the cultural events center in town?
#3 - The new apartment still under construction?

Put your pick in the comment section below. 


On a completely different note, I got mistaken for Serena Williams at dinner on Sunday night!!  The waiter was very attentive and finally got up the courage to ask me if I was her.  I found the entire thing to be absolutely hysterical. 

~ Kelly


  1. Hahaha! And to that I must say...... Well...we DON'T all look alike!! Hahahahah!!!!!!! Now THAT is funny!!! Serena!!!????

  2. Julie Scott WilsonAugust 6, 2013 at 11:19 AM

    I vote for the second one!

  3. That's funny Kelly, uhh...I mean Serena. I like the 1st one.

  4. i think you picked the second one extra space for all the stuf you are goa buy

  5. I say #1 or #2, but going to go with #2!

  6. I vote for #2!