Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sight Seeing

The last two days have been packed full of sight seeing in and around Hanoi.  We've visited the Temple of Literature, The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, The Vietnam Military Museum and Hoan Kiem Lake. Here are some pictures of our adventures.  Enjoy

The Temple of Literature

That's me!  Just under the Temple of Literature sign.

Van Mieu Gate, the entrance of the Temple of Literature

The Well of Heavenly Clarity

Tortoise Stele - Mounted on giant tortoise pedestals, these stone stelae are inscribed with the names of scholars who passed the examinations. Dating back to 15th-18th centuries.

Inside the Temple of Confucius

The Great Drum

Vietnam Fine Arts Museum
Housed in a Colonial building, the Fine Arts Museum houses a collection of Vietnamese architecture, artifacts, paintings, sculptures and other works of art.  
The Dancer

The Face of the Devil

I don't remember what this one was called, but it was huge!

An idol

The Lion

Hand carved wooden doors dating back to the 12th century

A porcelain scholar statue

Lacquer painting of a King and Queen

Vietnam Military History Museum
The Vietnam Military History Museum is housed in a former French barracks and is comprised of 30 galleries.  The is a compilation of the development and history of the Vietnamese armed forces over centuries.  Vietnam has been in conflict with China, France, Cambodia, the United States, the Soviet Republic.  
The Flag was enormous! 

Captured military equipment belonging to the French and US.

A Vietnamese Tank

US Jeep

A captured U.S Air Force fighter jet.  Dad says that its been repainted. 

Hoan Kiem Lake 

The pagoda in the middle of the lake

The Sunbeam Bridge to a temple in the middle of the lake

The tiger pagoda

A view from the bridge across the lake

Just hanging out in Hanoi

Daddy and I on the bridge


  1. I loved the pics!!!! Awesome! And I'm so jealous of your adventure already! Looks super fun! Now don't go seeing everything bc when I get there you'll have done everything! Keep the posts coming!

  2. Great pictures! Looks like you both are having fun. Love keeping up with you on the blog.

  3. I love the pics. Keep them coming. Can't wait to see Hong Kong.

  4. Love these pics. Such rich history.